Posted by: Jenny | February 26, 2007

Behind your back

on the blog.

So the other day someone said something to me that really hit me the wrong way.  I have been struggling trying to decide whether or not I should blog about my frustration.  But then I decided that if I don’t talk to the person that got under my skin, then it is unfair to blog about it in a public forum.  I think that this is where some go wrong with email.  Where they will say something rude via email, but would never confront the person face to face.  In my opinion when you write a snarky email, before you hit send you should decide if you would actually say that to the person you are sending it to. If the answer is no, then rethink, maybe soften the blow a little, or don’t hit send at all, and talk to the person instead.   But hey what do I know.


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