Posted by: Jenny | February 27, 2007

We’re still growing as a couple…

You know how I can tell?

While driving by X fast food place the other day we saw a sign that says Try Our New g mlette! And now mlette is the new word o the family. It works for lots of things, think something is gross? Mlette(pronounced MMMMmmmLet). Squish a bug? Mlette. Try it, it works. And better yet, it’s fun.

Also driving about town every once and a while we see a cement truck that has written on it’s big belly, NOWAK. Which produces the following conversation.

him: WAK (ryhmes with smack)

me: NO WAK

him: WAAAAK!

me: NO. WAK.

him: …. wak?

me: sorry, nowak.

It’s funny to us.


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