Posted by: Jenny | March 7, 2007

The news is

I am not going to blog about work anymore.  I have come to this realization today.  The very most I will do is blog the very best things, but no negative things.   Words get misconstrued, and either I name coworkers outright, or I have to hint around about them and that is just unfair, and probably unprofessional.  So if I have a bad day, I will talk to my husband and friends, and then post about the great things in my life.  I started this blog to focus on my family, and although I don’t think I have to strictly write about one thing or another, sometimes bad feelings just start to seep into places that they aren’t supposed to be.  So I am working on not reading work email…sooo much at home, and this way the nasty parts of work, there aren’t many, can stay at work!  This I think will keep me more balanced and positive…



  1. Let me know if it works!

  2. I think this is a super idea. I’m not going to blog about work any more either.

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