Posted by: Jenny | March 9, 2007

Working Mom

Sometimes it is good, Sometimes it is bad.  I just saw a cute little girl, who rubbed her face the same way Ben-o-boy does his and man do I want to be at home.  This week has just been so busy, I don’t feel like I have gotten any quality play time with my main man.  Either of my main men to be honest.  Bah I say Bah.  I have a  million things going on, and they are all good, all great oppurtunities, something I have spearheaded, or the commitee I chair, or a book chapter that I am getting published with two other faboulous ladies from work… But darn…soo busy.   I thought today that I need to take some vacation time, just to get work done.  Is that bad?  I need to literally take the time I have at work and not be interupted for about a week, then I would most likely be caught up.  But there is always a new thing, or a chat, or a meeting, so any free time I have at work to get actual STUFF done, is just sucked right up.  And I always feel that D and I just run run run all week, and poof it is gone.  There are quality moments here and there, don’t get me wrong.  But I am working on saying no more at work, at least until some of the big things I have going on wrap up.  And next semester D isn’t taking so many stinkin’ hours.  So that should help.  Phew.  Spring Break is coming up soon, and I am not sure if we are doing any traveling, it would be nice, but we will see.  At least we have some time off though!  Happy weekend!


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