Posted by: Jenny | March 12, 2007

Dr. Appointment

Today we had our one year appointment for Mr. Ben. He did well, measuring over 30 inches long, and 23 lbs and 14oz heavy. He can do all to stuff that he is supposed to, except patty cake, although we haven’t really worked on patty cake, so he can’t be blamed. I doubt 1 year olds have the inate ability to play patty cake… But what do I know. He had 3 immunizations, and blood drawn, but he wasn’t still, so they had to poke both arms to try to draw enough… So my poor boy was grumpy grumpy by the time we left.

The party went well on Sunday. Between that, the time change, and the Dr.s I am freaking tired, and wish I would have taken the day off. But of course I didn’t think that far ahead and here I sit. Bah.



  1. Your boy is only 14 oz?

  2. 23 lbs 14 oz.

    forget the pattycake…those landmarks are guides…Ben is FINE! and next time you’ll take the whole day off!! At least you don’t have too long to go.

  3. No, patty cake is not innate, and a bit much to expect of a one-year old. Almost 24 lbs.? My nearly three-year old is probably all of 25 or so, but we obviously make tiny kids.

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