Posted by: Jenny | March 21, 2007

It was nice to have a break

D, Ben and I took a nice but short trip up north this last weekend.  We decided to go on Thursday, left on Friday and got back Tuesday afternoon.  We visited my sister and her little family, and had a very nice time all in all.  It was our first trip with the boy, and he did pretty good.  We found out as all parents do, that what may take you 6 hours to do as a couple will most likely take you 9-10 with a little’un.  So between poopy pants, walks around rest areas, and food throughout the car, we have surrived our first road trip.  It wasn’t so bad that we wouldn’t do it again!  And it was nice seeing my sweet little princess of a niece.  She is funny and brillant!  The trip did include a discussion while changing Ben’s pants that Ben had a peanut, and girls have ‘ginas.



  1. Was your trip spur of the moment? I imagine you have to plan quite a bit ahead when you are taking a toddler.

  2. It was spur of the moment… No planning here, just throwing crap in the car! It worked. 🙂

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