Posted by: Jenny | March 23, 2007

Spring Break has Sprung…

Today was the last day.  Of course I worked all day, and unfortunantly when I say worked, I actually mean worked.  Not chatted with the ladies about random shit and basically wasted the whole day…  I had meetings, and worked on presentations, and handouts, and answered questions….  And then when I got off work D tells me we are going grocery shopping, which is good because then we get to have food.  But bad, because then I have to walk around more  and not just go home.  D is gone again this weekend.  I am not sure if Ben and I have plans.  I had Thursday off because D had to be out of town, so I did a lot of cleaning and organizing on that day.  Not that there isn’t more but still.   One of these days you will be so happy to see the before Ikea, after Ikea pantry pictures… Much more prettier now…

So I will close my random post by telling you that normal life starts up next week, so normal blogging will also probably start up.  Hopefully as I know how frustrating it is to click on someones blog to see a change…only to be disappointed day in and day out.



  1. It’s odd how much work gets done when you don’t stop and visit with the ladies.

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