Posted by: Jenny | March 25, 2007

Sunday evening

and all is well.  D is back, Ben is in bed sleeping away, we have eaten, done the dishes, picked up the living room.  Now all that is left is a little homework and we will be ready for Monday.  Ben and I had a good weekend hanging out together.  After last weekend of traveling a lot, it was nice not to go anywhere at all.  Naps are back on schedule, and after fighting mr. picky for a couple of days food wise, it seems that is back on track too.  Knock on wood.   I hate having to freaking sweep 9 times a day because no mom, I don’t like beans, chuck, chicken, chuck, carrots, chuck, cherrios, chuck, ah well you get the point.  I am not sure why we went on a pretty much everything strike.  But today he ate much better, and threw less.  Which makes mom very happy.  I took all the house plants that spend the summer outside, out there today.  I hope it doesn’t do a late freeze, or if it does I remember to bring them in.  I also rearranged the living room, because I could minus the big ol plants.  They love it outside, and are always double the size when I go to bring them back in for winter.  They are already huge, so winter should be interesting.  So these are the days of my random life posts.  But I figure something is better than nothing.  Ya’ll might disagree…. too bad.


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