Posted by: Jenny | April 4, 2007

Warm cottage cheese…

Today I did some group editing of the book chapter my cohorts and I are getting published. And after we were done cohort #1 said she felt like her brain had turned to warm cottage cheese…. what a mental image.

But I couldn’t agree more. There is only so much brainstorming, editing and just overall group work you can do in two hours. Luckily my cohorts ( yes I am trying to tie the world record for the use of the word cohort in one blog post) are fabulous women, that I consider my friends. Both of them are easy to work with and have very strong qualities that compliment each other, and me! It is a nice working group. Sure not all the time do we 100% agree, but we get things done, and most the time have fun doing it. Everyone brings something to the group and all are conscientious about time-lines, and quality of work. It is so nice to work with people who bring such amazing qualities to the table, and are fun, and cool!

So I salute you oh cottage cheese brained cohorts.

(best sentence I have ever typed.)



  1. Yay cottage cheese!!

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