Posted by: Jenny | April 10, 2007

Slowing down….

So the first edition of the book chapter that I was involved in writing has went out to internal editors, I am happy we have wrapped that up.

Other projects I have been involved in at work have calmed down and evened out.

Homework is going good, only 3 more tests all together, and I am all caught up assignment wise.

I have about 1/3 of the house cleaned the way I would like it, and actually have time coming up where I can finish that out.

Got through a couple of Dr.’s appointments unscathed, glad those are over.

Found out I am going to be an aunt again!  A double aunt?  Two times the aunt for the price of one?  Anyway my sister-in-law is pregnant!  So excited for her and my brother!  And for myself as being an aunt rocks!

Life seems to be smoothing out!  Which is really really nice, and feels like a breath of fresh non-dramatic air!  I dig it.  Am thinking I haven’t put up any pics of the crazy boy lately, so will get that remedied soon!

He has more and more words as the day goes on, of course we have momma and dada, and kitty and doggy, and cheese and close to banana or something resembling it.  He can sign more, and sometimes nap, and sometimes eat.  So communication is in full swing baby!  It is awesome!  Just like my baby!



  1. What does he sign?

  2. He signs… more, eat, and sleep

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