Posted by: Jenny | April 16, 2007


Here it is Monday again. This (hold please, Ben just woke up from his fake nap… so I am going to go convince him that it is real nap time….erg)(what’s a fake nap? A fake nap is when he is tired, so he goes down for a nap, cuddles up with his blanket, we leave and shut the door… all is quiet, until about 15-20 minutes later, when he decides to sing, or start a conversation, or reach out of his crib and turn on the baby swing that used to be stored next to him…then mom or dad walks in, and oh yes, socks are off, all things are out of the crib, and he giggles when he sees you, because, geez mom, this is fun.) So now we are trying for the real nap… It was a fantabolous weekend. Nice weather, got to spend some time with my boys. Ben loves being outside, and we walked a lot yesterday, it was a lot of fun. I am trying to take some time off next week. Before finals week, and before my new boss gets here…so hopefully it will work out. It won’t be the whole week, as I will work a little, but it will be a welcome break. I just figured out the other day, that since I have had this job(almost a year now) I haven’t taken more than 3 days off in a row… It has given me the flexibility that I need, but I had more time off when I was full time…. Something seems backwards.


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