Posted by: Jenny | April 17, 2007


In reading my blogs o’ the day I ran across this one.  And it does make you realize how fleating and precious those baby days are.  While stressful, and overwhelming, and so tired I can’ t even think of what life was like before the baby, they are joyous, special, dear days that go by too quickly.  Just like every age goes by to quickly in a babies life.  While we are trying to get on a sleep schedule, and a feeding schedule, and worrying if we give in too easily, or not easily enough, they pass us right on by.  Posts like this help you to remember to at least treasure the mini-moments as they fly by.



  1. I totally agree. Even though Piper is crying right now and I have a ton of dishes and clothing to wash I need to just enjoy the moment. Appreciating the moment is so difficult but so precious. and important. After all, isn’t life just a series of moments?

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