Posted by: Jenny | April 23, 2007

Almost there…

It is almost the end of the semester… and man oh man will life be easier in the summer.  Both D and I will take classes over the summer, but the difference in 12 hours and 24 hours taken by the two of us is significant!  I don’t even know what we will do with all that time.  I have two tests left before the end of the semester, and two assignments.  So far I have done very well on all of my classwork, so I would like to finish out strong.  It was a nice slow transition back into school, and it is amazing to me how college is different 10 years later.  I wasn’t ever a huge partier, but I did have my priorities rearranged when I was 18-22…I did have fun, and I graduated with a nice GPA…but did I learn much?  I am not sure.   This time around with a clear goal, and fewer ‘distractions’ classes have been much easier.  I won’t want to read this post later this summer when I am taking Statistics….(erg… math bad…)


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