Posted by: Jenny | April 25, 2007


My head hurts.  And I am whiny.  And I am at work.  erg.  I made a nice slide show today.  Lots of random pics on there, although I wish you could stop it from going, after a while I think it makes me dizzy.  Works been ok lately, hopefully there will be good news about some changes happening soon… I may do a jig folks!  D is going to be gone this weekend, and Ben and I were going to go with him.  But that isn’t going to work out, so we will get dropped off at my mom’s instead.  That will be ok, its better than being stuck at home for 4 days without a car…The book chapter I helped write is going off to the editor tomorrow…so it will nice to have that off!  I got enrolled in summer and fall classes, 6 hours each, full time for the summer, and half for the fall.  It is nice to continue to move forward!  Ben is really funny lately, running, screaming, playing peak-a-boo, wanting to escape to the outside, and loving bananas!  He is such a good sleeper at home, I wish that it would transfer over to grandma’s house…..bah.


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