Posted by: Jenny | May 2, 2007

From 3 to 4

It is one little number, but a big number at the same time.  From 1 kid to 2 kids… I am excited and scared.  Pregnancy wasn’t a cake walk the first time around, but hopefully this one will be better.  Or at least different.  Different sucky would be better than the same sucky.  But I did have a healthy wonderful 10lb 4 oz kid!  I told D last night that I was shooting for only 10 this time.  It is a nice round number.  And it will probably do the round number on my belly, I was so huge with Ben.  But it seems that big babies run in the family, they are watching me early this time for gestational diabetes, because Ben was so big.  Even though I didn’t have GD the first time around.  But if they want to be careful, who am I to say no.  Just the lady with the baby!

I wonder how it will change our family dynamic.  I am worried about splitting the time between the new baby and Ben.  I am sooo attached to Ben and spending all the time with him I can.  People with 2 or more kids tell me it isn’t hard, and comes naturally, so I imagine it is one of those things that you will only understand when you have more than one kid.

That is the thing about parenting.  It doesn’t matter how many kids you think you have been around.  How many of your friends/family/strangers that happen to be around you, have kids.  You don’t know unless you have them yourself.  AND the other thing about having kids, is that there was a time when you didn’t have kids.  You know what it is like to be just a couple, or a single person, because you were once those things.  Sure we aren’t those things now, but we went through them.

Yes it is random soapbox night thanks for noticing.

More to come.



  1. Sometimes when you have so much love for one little guy it is amazing how easy it will not split but grow. Instead of him be the center of your universe the center of your universe just gets bigger so it can be for two, it’s like you and Dustins hearts grow to allow everyone enough time and room. Love you guys. You guys are super and will continue to be so. Mom

  2. Ah, that is so sweet! Jenny your mom says the nicest things.

  3. so…you’ve got a little bunnie in the oven. Bennifer or perhaps Scurry Furrey.

    can i knit a sweater in celebration?

  4. First, I think this is fabulous…congratulations! Second, I want to let you know that my brother’s name is Ben so I think it only makes sense for you to name your child second child Erin.


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