Posted by: Jenny | May 19, 2007

Once a week?

I didn’t mean for it to be another whole week before I posted again, but it just flew by!  I am taking Statistics over the summer intersession, which means they shove a whole semesters worth of Stats into 3 weeks.  If you read my sister’s latest post aew you will see exactly how I feel about math.  It isn’t that I hate it, I just haven’t ever had a teacher that has made it really sink in.  The instructor I have now is good, and very high energy which is nice since we have to spend 3.5 hours a day together for 3 weeks.  If he was boring…holy crappola that would suck.  We had our first test on Monday, and I think it went really well, but of course I studied for 6+ hours before hand.  I studied so much that I dreamt about statistics on Thursday night…very restful sleep…  But I felt good about the test, there wasn’t anything I got to and couldn’t figure out.  So unless I just made little mistakes I think it will turn out.

Dustin and I both got straight A’s last semester.  Woot.  His 19 hours compared to my 5 is much more impressive, but I am still very happy that we both did so well.  A’s might not matter in the long run, but if you are going to put all this work into something you may as well aim your highest!

There are pregnant women everywhere…TV shows, grocery stores, campus, coffee shops… But I guess it is like when you hurt your thumb, you don’t notice how much you use it, until it hurts everytime.



  1. It is a good thing that your heads do not grow larger with great brains you would have trouble fitting through the door and Dustin just wouldn’t make it at all. Great Job what more could a Mom ask for good kids and smart too. Love Mom

  2. Jenny, do you cry every time you read your mom’s comments?! Cause I sure do!!

    I’m sorry to hear your bad news. I’m thinking about you, Dustin, and little Ben.

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