Posted by: Jenny | May 22, 2007

The z-score of p bar…

So last night D was helping me with my statistics homework and an outside observer that had no knowledge of statistics would have thought we were talking in another language.  Which is good I guess, that I actually kinda sorta speak that language, or at least I can pretend to for these 3 weeks… I am not a statistian I just play …

I spend 3+ hours with the same group of people every day of the week for 3 weeks, but it is kinda interesting because we barely talk…  We just listen to high energy instructor, and try desperatly to grasp the concepts he is throwing at us.  So sitting in my class around where I sit in the back right I have some interesting characters.   Next to me sits “text-message girl” who sends 75+ messages during class.  I have learned to tune out her fervent texting, as it is so very distracting.  D and I were talking about who has time to sit for 3 hours straight to text her back, and we figure it is either her boyfriend, also sitting in class, or her other boyfriend the truck driver, who is cruising along going 75 in his 18 wheeler, while texting right next to you on the interstate….  In front of me sits graph paper guy, pretty normal, pretty quiet, always writes on graph paper.  Next to him sits “was like totally homecoming queen in high school”  and I hold nothing against her, but I know that you can like totally picture her in your head.  Next to her sits “couple”  which is made up of really shiny hair girl, and really tall guy.  Are they really a couple?  I don’ t know, but they look cute together, so the answer for me is yes.  So now you can have a mental image of what I do every morning until almost noon.  Hang out with virtual strangers, and listen to text girl go…



  1. I thought i was the only one who named my classmates. I kinda did that in my online class based on the message board comments. Instead of text message girl there was “I’m too dumb to figure out message board guy” and “I’m the highschool teacher every student hates woman”

  2. Haha…love it! Now I wonder what you would call me if you were sitting behind me in class.

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