Posted by: Jenny | May 24, 2007

I want…

a new function in my email.  I want to be able to send back the forwards that I find especially offensive, or dumb.  Not only did I accidently waste my time reading it, holy crap do I not agree with whatever blather they are pushing.  What is that rule about things you don’t talk about, religion, politics and money.  Well, I want it to be the rule about things you don’t talk about, and things you don’t freaking forward to people.



  1. If you reply back to the person telling them the forward is wrong eventually they will stop forwarding them. Or they will hate you. Whatever works.

  2. Yeah, I once got a forward from a girl that I was in AmeriCorps with about these prisoner’s that were being humiliated and basically overworked and abused and how awesome it was. It was absolutely offensive and I emailed her that it was an inappropriate forward and if she was for corruption of our prison system she should probably keep it to herself. I haven’t heard from her since.

  3. If you find such a device for the email, let me know..I would love to stop some forwards!!! Hope you had a good weekend!!!

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