Posted by: Jenny | May 29, 2007

Kickin’ my ass

That is what statistics is doing.  I didn’t work super hard last week, just basically did my homework.  And man oh man did it show.  The week before I did review problems, and read the chapters, and got a 94 on my test.  Sweet!  But then last week I thought oh I will spend time with my son and husband… yeah while that was rockin’ fun… I got a 69.5 on the test.  D’oh.   so now I have to get 134/150 on the final to pull an A in the class.  It shouldn’t be tooooo hard, but I really have to kick myself in the ass, and go back and do all the stuff I didn’t do last week.  So now I have a boat load of old review problems, and new review problems… and only tonight, tomorrow night, and Thursday to get ready for the final.   SUCKS.   So no Ben and D time, only I heart statistics time.


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