Posted by: Jenny | May 29, 2007

Inappropriate groping rules!

We had a pretty good weekend. Traveled up to my mom’s to go to my little bro’s graduation party. He was born when I was 12, so it seems amazing to me that he is out of high school. He has a little girlfriend, who he is apparently attached to the hip with… It is kind of funny because D and I were that age when we started dating… and yeah we were damn damn annoying and inappropriate. But it never felt like that at the time. It always felt like, well what teenage relationships feel like. So dramatic, so intense, so I have to spend every last moment touching them otherwise I will like so totally die. D and I were talking about it on the way home, and we decided a couple of things…

1. It is good that the age of 17-18 is the age most move out/go to college/start whatever otherwise the two parties would most likely murder each other. 13-18 is just the practice time for this stage of trying not to commit homicide…

2. It is probably a case of simple dumb luck if you manage to make it to the age of 25, and not have 483957 STDs, have either gotten someone or gotten yourself pregnant 5+ times, or ended up married and divorced at least once.



  1. So, I wonder if Eric reads this? Hmmmm ….

  2. you are so right about number 2. yikes!

  3. Eric did read this. I mentioned to him he should and he already had.

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