Posted by: Jenny | June 1, 2007

Statistics is done man…

So I took my final today… I think it went ok.  Tons of studying, and coffee, I think my body may shut down soon…  Hopefully I will be sitting down when it does…or at least away from small animals that I may crush.  This will not be the most coherent post, as my brain is fried, and I am lucky I can just keep the drool in at this point.  My witty teacher allowed me to calculate the probability of getting an A on the final…as one of the questions on the final… he should have moved it down however.  Don’t discourage the students half way through the damn thing, make it the last question so at least I keep the hope alive, or the first so I can just decide to give up before putting myself through 13 pages of comprehensive hell….

But the good news is I am done.

And I learned something.

And I may even get an A… stay tuned

(I have less than a 14% probability of getting the score I needed.  But hey I studied A LOT.)


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