Posted by: Jenny | June 13, 2007

Hard at work?

Yeah I know it is more like hardly working…but don’t judge me… 🙂  Got back from Minneapolis yesterday to help the sister move and by help the sister move I mean move some stuff, sort some stuff, paint some stuff, and then move some other stuff…  We had a fun time, and if you read her blog we did have a sacrificial butter lamb supper and yes it was tasty…odd when my niece said to my sister…”Mommy I want the head… butter my bread with the head butter”… But tasty.  Her house is very cute, and her backyard was wonderful.  We did spend 75% of our time out there, of course it was the only place with a freaking table… But we didn’t even need that excuse.  I am jealous of her house, and her backyard.  Ben is already in withdrawal he needs a fenced in yard, and needs it bad.  Of course it rained here today so that made things even worse for a possible outside adventure… Highlights of our trip included:

1) Ella (niece) telling grandma and I that “Ben bothers me.”

2) Ben noticing that Ella was getting to far away from us while playing outside, so using the same kissy noises that dad uses to call the dog back to try to get her attention.

3) Ben’s first fat lip when he took a dive in the previously mentioned backyard…

4) After 9 hours in the car on the way home, Ben took to telling me that he was in fact… All Done…



  1. No pictures of the lamb o’ butter? I’m disappointed!

    Noel and I are wanting to head to Manhattan one of these days. Perhaps we could get together and introduce our boys.

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