Posted by: Jenny | June 29, 2007


Comments rule. Even you nasty spirited people leave rockin’ comments. I am not going to block your comments, post them. Even if you suck, I will leave them up. Just to prove to the rest of the world just how high the crazy factor is. Oh and if you leave meebo comments, I will just post those too, I don’t care if they are annonymous. Opinions are like assholes…and who am I to censor the crazy…let it roll.



  1. I’m going to post a really good crazy comment special for you! I want you to be impressed.

  2. I vow to attempt to beat out any crazy that Tara the Cool can offer. It’s a crazy war, look out!

  3. hahah! I don’t know who you are referring to but I like your attitude! I don’t block comments but I have deleted a few in the past when they do not relate. I’m telling you, blogland has more than a few certifiable nuts.

  4. Everyone agrees you have to catch this early. ,

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