Posted by: Jenny | July 6, 2007

Did I mention…

that the fence was indeed done?  It is, and it is doing a heck of a job corralling the little dude.  It is so much nicer to be outside now, minus the 90+ heat and direct sun.  He just spends his time exploring the yard now, instead of constantly trying to escape.  Which actually makes outside time fun!  Also much more dirty, and sandy, and wet, But fun nonetheless.  He had his first time in a blow up pool.  Grandma actually sat right in the pool with the little guy, and they had a heck of a time.  So now Ben can add swimming to his bag of fun tricks…and by swimming I do mean sitting in about 4-6 inches of water and splashing a lot.

The porch we tore down was on the side of the house.  It was old and the wood was amazingly rotten.  We didn’t use it at all, which was good.  I did have the run in with the wasp, I actually had my hand up under the edge of the porch, of course not looking first when the sucker got me.  I had unknowingly placed my hand IN the wasps nest.  Luckily I was only stung once.   D’oh.  But considering Mom and I have never done demolition work, we managed not to break anything we didn’t mean to break, although there was a time where I was standing on the porch that I was actually sawing in two… did I mention it was death defying…. 🙂

I will put some pics up of the swimming adventure soon!



  1. I am so excited to come out and see all your hard work! How fabulous that you and your family get to do such great things together. I love that! Not to mention how nice it is have your family so close! And no imaginary husbands…even better!


    P.S. Thanks for the afternoon date with The Cool. 😉

  2. LMAO-Love Man Always Only?

  3. No, silly:

    LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off!!!

  4. I wrote about you on my blog. you should check it out. I’m advertising on Jenny’s blog. that’s what cool people do

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