Posted by: Jenny | July 6, 2007

The three minute post…

I have three minutes.  I may post later, but I thought I would get a quick one up here just in case this was the only time I had.  I had a nice 4th.  My mom, brother and his girlfriend came down.  Watched some fireworks, ate some food, played with the boy, got a sunburn, got stung by a wasp, tore down a nasty old rotting porch, now we can build a new one, watched everyone but me catch a fish, read a couple of good books this week, and um…. that pretty much wraps it up.   I am back at work today, but the great news is that it is a MondayFriday…seems like Monday, but is really Friday.  Tomorrow I will wake up confused, and then very happily go back to sleep!


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