Posted by: Jenny | July 10, 2007


I just finished reading Dream When Your Feeling Blue. Although it doesn’t get great reviews on this site I am linking to, I really liked it. Of course it brought back recent memories of when D was in Iraq. We wrote tons of letters back and forth, about everything and anything. And I cried at the end. It may not be the best book I have ever read, but it amazed me at how similar the letters that the characters in the book wrote back and forth during WWII were so similar to the ones D and I exchanged. Of course some things are different, but I do believe that going off to war, and sending a loved one off to war doesn’t change. It is something that you don’t understand fully until you do it, and something that is truly timeless. You can try and prepare yourself, but like most major events in life nothing can prepare you fully for the real thing. If you haven’t gone through it you can never fully understand it. I can’t grasp what D went through over there, sitting directly in between Fallujah and Ramadi and he’ll never fully understand what it means to be the one left at home, waiting and wondering, and people who have never been through it will not understand what it meant to our relationship at the time, and what it is like to go through.

I took the time to sit and preserve the letters D and I wrote to each another. It is an amazing snap shot of 13 months. The people that we were, and became during that time, how are relationship grew, and our feelings about the war, and what it meant to the world and to us as individuals are an important piece of our history, as well as our nation’s history.



  1. How did you preserve the letters?

  2. They are stored in a container, by date, flattened out with acid free paper between them. For more information see

  3. Even I was amazed by how the two of you changed. Love y ou both. Mom

  4. I LOVE that you are keeping these letters safe. Your kids and their kids and the next kids kids will appreciate learning what it was like for ya’ll. And finally, I’m so glad D came back safe and sound. and give him our thanks.

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