Posted by: Jenny | July 24, 2007

Up, Down

I go through blogging ups and blogging downs… I can never ever be one of those people who post like 8 times a day.  I am convinced that there is nothing that I do on a daily basis that would EVER be that interesting.  But hey, what do I know.  The problem lately though is that I never have any thing to sit down and blog about.  I think about it in passing, but never when I am sitting in front of a computer.  I get to the blogging portion of my day and………. yeah, nothing.  So here goes my random blather, hoping that somewhere in here will be something interesting to read.

-Work, good, busy, frustrating, challenging, distracting.

– Boy, funny, we had a great weekend of play play play, still somewhat snotty, loves saying the word bumpy, over and over again, very funny, has started saying I love, as a form of I love you, followed by a snuggle and a kiss,  makes all the days worries and frustrations go right out the window.  I want to bottle that sweetness and carry it with me everywhere.

-D, birthday this weekend, and guess what?  he is still younger than me… Has been putting up with crazy ass wife lately, a lot, totally appreciate his patience,

-Other, it has been hot and muggy lately.  Not super super hot, but those days are probably right around the corner.  Both the AC at work and at home have been fritzy already, so that doesn’t bode well.  Hot and muggy inside, hot and muggy outside.  Made a good fish recipe, and a really nice black bean salsa, sad I can’t bake more, but I don’t like adding to the hot mugginess, finished the last potter book won’t say more as I would have hated it if anyone would have ruined it for me. Had a really nice lunch with 3 ladies I haven’t seen much lately, good food, good fun, what more could you ask for?

And that has been the last couple of days in my life…



  1. are you doing fun stuff for D’s b-day?

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