Posted by: Jenny | August 15, 2007


I have the week off from work because D is National Guarding…So it is a mini vacation.  Mostly.  I am getting stuff done around the house, throwing out clutter, and getting things in place for the start of classes next week.  So while I get to stay home and play with the boy, it isn’t as though I am sitting on a beach eating bon bons… although I am not sure I would chose a beach, if the water was cool, and if the nights got to be almost chilly, and the days were no hotter than 85, yep a beach.  But it is too damn HOT here to want to be in a hot place.   Anyway I digress… (which is the whole point of blogging isn’t it Jenny?  I mean come on read your past posts….)

In other news:

D got a Harley last week… He is in love… And of course being safe.

My mom and dad bought a lake house, I think they sign the papers this week or next.  So that will make for interesting visiting!

I picked out a new couch this last weekend, it is being delivered on August 29, so I am working on getting the living room ready for it.

Ben has started to climb on EVERYTHING… sheesh such a little monkey.

My brother Matt finally got a computer and an email address… now I can virtually bug him as well.

And that is pretty much it.  I am going to work in the computer room today, throw a bunch of crap out and work on rearranging a bit.

Vacation rules…


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