Posted by: Jenny | August 17, 2007

Good Idea – Bad Idea

Good Idea: Going outside to play with Ben in the evening when it is less than 120 outside.

Good Idea: Locking all the windows in the house, and the side door.

Good Idea: Shutting the wood door so the AC will not get out.

Bad Idea: Not remembering that Ben is tall enough to reach the doorknob from the inside.

Bad Idea: Not checking to see if the door is locked.

Bad Idea: Not having a spare key anywhere else.




  1. Did you lock yourself out of the house? Hope you didn’t have to break in!

  2. I did lock Ben and I outside, and between two neighbors and I we couldn’t break in… I had to call a locksmith….40$ and 2 hours later we were in.

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