Posted by: Jenny | August 22, 2007

! versus .

So one of the gals at work (sorry typing that brought up that image in my head…) has recently critiqued my use of exclamation points.  Apparently I use a lot!  Who knew?  So the question then becomes what is the correct use of an ! ?

Quoting directly from wikipedia:

An exclamation mark or exclamation point is a punctuation mark: ! It is usually used after an interjection or exclamation to indicate strong feelings or high volume, and generally marks the end of a sentence. A sentence ending in an exclamation mark is either an actual exclamation (“Wow!”, “Boo!”), a command (“Stop!”), or is intended to be astonishing in some way (“They were the footprints of a gigantic hound!”).

So maybe I just have a lot of strong feelings.  Or a high volume.  Or maybe I am just really astonishing…  Anyway I guess I use exclamation points to bring a happy feeling to an email or blog.  Maybe it doesn’t do that.  She says I am yelling a lot.  I say… your emails are boring, and not full of feelings or high volume.  Anyway, are ya’ll pro or anti ! ?



  1. I am definitely pro exclamation point. But then most of my blog involves discussing John and his various milestones, which certainly deserve !s. Rolling over! Eating applesauce! You get it. 😉

  2. Dude!!! I’m! so! pro-exclamation! point! it’s! unreal!!! I! (heart!) your! strong! feelings! for! they! are! highly! excellent!!! That! gal! who! (you! think!) doesn’t! like! yours! must! be! a! real! pain! in! the! [area!]!!!

  3. Gimme a P! Gimme an R! Gimme an O! What’s that spell?!?! PRO!!!!

  4. Oh my dog, I can agonize for minutes over whether to use an exclamation point in a work email. It goes like this: hmm, don’t want to seem too eager or chipper or aggressive … what if they misunderstand that it’s meant to express mirth, not emphasis … oh crap, now I’ve used two … which one has to go … and so on.

    It’s horrible!!! Oh, is that too many? Sorry!

  5. eh, when i first began using email back in the wee 90’s I’d write in all caps…because i thought it made me cool. Now that is yelling. EPs are just enthusiasm.

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