Posted by: Jenny | September 4, 2007

My weekend…

Well we had a very nice long weekend…  We of course couldn’t hold a candle to my sister’s Rich Alcoholic Possessive Lesbian fest, but we had a nice wholesome time.   Had folks over on Friday night, had a very nice time.  Got to eat outside, chill, chat, drink a beer or two, play a board game, overall very enjoyable.  Saturday we went a’visitin’.  Again, it was nice, a short drive, some lunch and lots of talking.  Ben got to play a lot so we all had a good time.  And on Sunday we took both the Harley and the car up to my mom’s.  Dustin wanted to ride, I wanted to shop.  Hey I smell a compromise coming on!  We went shopping on Sunday, got to go to a movie!  and see my brother and sister in law (cutest pregnant woman ever…).  Monday we got to go on a short ride together, weather was nice, wind in the hair, no work!   Can’t Labor day be every Monday?


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