Posted by: Jenny | September 12, 2007

Bad Bad Blogger, now go to your corner.

I haven’t been keeping up on my blogging duties… Life caught up with me.  I was still in summer mode.. Pretending I didn’t have classes and homework… Been working quite a bit, and doing those crazy things like… cleaning the house, watching a movie, reading a book… Then one day I thought… Hum  I bet I have homework… Hum, where is that babysitter we set up last semester?  And it was like a big fat avalanche that I haven’t yet crawled out of.

So the babysitter we did have set up before the summer is unable to take care of Ben… We only had her scheduled for 6 hours, but 6 hours that we could both do work in would be beautiful… I think I have it worked out with a new and improved person.. So that will relieve that stress.

One of my classes is done already… It was a super easy, super fast course, Of course I am an idiot and totally forgot the first assignment… That big fat ZERO probably won’t help my grade.

I have a test tomorrow, and have no idea how it will go….

We are helping my mom move into a new house this weekend…That won’t be fun, but she will live in a cool place, so in the end it will be fun…

And on a random note, D has this unwritten policy if he sees someone that has to dress up like whatever food they are selling, he tries to eat there, to make that person’s pain worth something.  The other day I saw a dude dressed up like a big cup.  He was dancing and waving, and having a grand ol time… Until the idiots in front of me threw a Blizzard at him.  Do you think you can call and request the police to give someone a stern talking to because they are freaking rude?  If I hadn’t eaten lunch already, I totally would have stopped.  (and ate the food the cup dude was dancing for, not the Blizzard…duh)



  1. Well, thanks for at least not having the Rich Alcoholic Lesbian weekend link not on the top of your blog anymore.

  2. are right you have neglected your blogging I just came to catch up on all that I have missed and it was only two!!! =) Either that, or I am just better about visiting this page….that must be it!

    I just stopped by to say I miss being able to set up a time to come see you three…jumping in the car and being there in a few hours. =(

    Hope school and everything is getting less crazy for you, that all is well and hopefully I will catch you on-line again sometime. =)

  3. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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