Posted by: Jenny | September 19, 2007


The skills that Ben has gained in the last few weeks are nothing short of amazing.

-Within one week he has been found on top of both the kitchen table and the picnic table…

– He can count to three… kind of… Here is how it goes… Mom “One”, Ben “Ummm” Mom “Two” Ben “terwjioaar”, Mom “Three” Ben “THjeioaeu!!!”   It is hilarious!

-He had fun with the lady that is taking care of him on Tuesday afternoons and can now sing a new song… B-I- N-G- O becomes I-I -E-O-O-I-I, but with the dancing… Again… My son is awesome!

-Kissing is now the name of the game.  And is totally sweet.   Except for the times when it is gross… like say after yogurt.



  1. Grandma thinks kissing is adorable also.

  2. The nice Tuesday afternoon lady has fun too! This week: Cotton ball trees are on the agenda!

  3. Yo! Jen: what is that website with the boots that you were talking about?

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