Posted by: Jenny | September 26, 2007

I heart these sites

Some sites that I have been reading lately that I have to share with ya’ll:

First off we have , is a great site, with awesome recipes, and even helpful and great pictures.  Although I am not sure how she is thin and pretty based on her recipes…Must be all that wraslin’ of the cows.  Her other site chronicles this and more pretty pictures, and lots of cows…  But it is fun, and I think worth the read.  I just don’ t know how she manages, 4 kids I think and 2 pretty updated, nice lookin’ blogs.   It is probably the same dirty secret that keeps her thin and pretty.

Next we have awesome site of lots of cool stuff I don’ t need and can’t afford.  But damn I can go fake shopping there forever!

And if I were at home I would check my bookmarks and not only list 3..well almost 3.  But since I am at work, and apparently for got my brain… (good luck all you folks who think you need MY help tonight), you only get 2. … and a half.


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