Posted by: Jenny | September 26, 2007

Middle School

is cool.  I am in a class this semester that requires me to be a teacher’s aide for 4 hours a week.  I am in a FACS, the new way to say Home Ec, classroom.  I think it means Family and Consumer Science, but anyway for four hours a day I try to help control the masses, and help sew.  Next quarter we will be cooking, also cool!  I really enjoy it so far.  I never thought I would want to be in a middle school, but so far I really enjoy the kids, we have a few squirrels (phrase coined by the teachers at the middle school) but overall, my 4 hours are good!  I got to go to observe another classroom today, and it was fun too!  So far so good on that front.  That test I could have possibly failed, I ended up getting a B on.  That was good news too!  The semester is well underway, and things are falling into place!


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