Posted by: Jenny | October 17, 2007

Pet Peeves

One of my pet peeves that I have been thinking about today may offend some of you.  And if it does I suggest you either:

a. stop reading, really it won’t hurt my feelings.

b. post a nasty comments, I haven’t had any in a while… I have been feeling entirely too warm and fuzzy inside.

So on to the meat of the post.

Pet Peeve 87:

When people have signature blocks on their email that are over eight lines, and tell you about their 12 degrees.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t be proud of your accomplishments.  Please hang all 12 diploma’s in your office.  Put them on your resume.  Talk to your mom and/or dad about them daily.  But 4 forms of contact information, and your 12 degrees often make your signature block LONGER THAN THE EMAIL it is attached too.  And for some reason that just strikes me as wrong.  Use it when you are emailing outside the organization, or if you are trying to throw your weight around.  That is I guess a reason, while it may be lame.  So in my ultimate rebellion, I don’t have no signature block.  Get this I actually type out whatever is appropriate as a sign off, and contact information, based on the person I am sending the message to.  I know I know, I am not important at all, so that is no big deal.  But my other idea was to add other stuff about myself.  Instead of faking the funk and signing of saying I have a PHD, I think I am going to go with something like:

Jen Lastname

123 Office Hall

Building That I work in

Town, State Zip

Like to eat pizza with my family on Tuesday

Love to read



  1. bahahahaaaa!!!! right on! I get that people want to come off as supercool…that is just human nature but please, find another way in which to do it.

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