Posted by: Jenny | October 23, 2007


and things you learn there…

1. Throwing sand doesn’t work out for anyone… especially when laying down on the ground.

2. Bigger kids can sometimes be mean.  Or just socialized by (here is me being judgy) backwards parents to think it is some how funny to go running around calling my kid a girl.  His dad says, “No his name is Ben.” Kid says, “NO Dad his name is GIRRRRL and he is a girrrrrl.”  This is me totally digging that it is a put down to be called a girl.  humpf.

3. Dad is totally fun at the play ground.  Slides down slides, plays with digger thingy, helps climb up dangerous stuff.  Mom just stands around bemoaning the fact that she wore inappropriate playground shoes and now has sand embedded between her toes.



  1. The park sounds like a growing experience for everyone and a sad experience for other children that can find nothing more fun than trying to bother a little boy and his parents. How sad for them!!!

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