Posted by: Jenny | October 31, 2007

I think I am funny.

So I was reading last years, near Halloween post, by me. And I think it is funny. I like the scale I came up with. Only my husband and I commented. But I am not going to let that hurt my feelings. Maybe ya’ll haven’t read it. Maybe the first time you read it you didn’t realize it’s brilliance. Whatever went wrong last year, I will forgive and forget and let you have another go around.



  1. I thought of that post and I actually used the phrase “raped by Halloween” when I posted in my private blog about our across the street neighbors’ decorations.

    They have one of those inflatable things in their yard. It’s not the typical pumpkin or Winnie the Pooh dressed like a witch. It is…and I kid you not…a horse-drawn hearse with a skeleton inside that raises and lowers himself out of a coffin. A blow-up horse-drawn hearse…what is the world coming to?! On top of that, they have probably another $500 worth of decorations.

  2. Hi there…love checking out your blog, i so need to figure out how to do this…excited for all the new cousins that are almost here. Hope everything is well and hope you guys have a wonderful thanksgiving…please email me your address, mailing, so i can send out some pics during xmas….love you guys and take care!

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