Posted by: Jenny | November 19, 2007

Oh crap…

Where did November go?  Why the crap haven’t I posted since October?  What kind of person hates their readers enough to make their far off cousin post a nice message on a stupid Halloween post?  Obviously a harsh hateful person like me…. Or I was busy or something… Let’s see what has happened in November shall we?

1. Had a rocking cool ear infection for 2 straight weeks!  It was awesome and made my life more loverly than usual.

2. D was gone for 3 days at a conference in Tampa.

3. Grandma was here to help for his abandonment  dedication to work and education.

4. She brought with her a lovely cold that Ben and I have been getting over.

5. Ben has learned how to open all doors including the front screen door, makes life fun and interesting.

6. Grandma filled up Ben’s lovely sandbox with sand while she was here (me being the horrible mom that I am hadn’t filled it in a while), and I spent about 30 minutes making mud cleaning the wonderful child, as shoveling to build sand castles is no where near as fun as flinging sand as far as the eye can see.

what else what else…

Looking forward to the giving of thanks later this week… Turing 30 tomorrow, D assures me I am not getting old, I’ll take his word for it, sis-in-law is getting very close to sharing our new niece or nephew with us!  Woot, getting excited for that, My sister and her fab fam are coming down for the holiday, also exciting.  I think that is all…  I will try to get back to regular posting.  I am not sure when we are coming home from my mom’s this weekend, but after that… post post post…



  1. You’re turning 30? I never would have figured! Are you doing exciting?

  2. How about-are you doing anything exciting?

  3. Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!

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