Posted by: Jenny | November 28, 2007

On the way

So today on the way to work I heard a song about that love you had way back when. When things were new, and falling was easy, and how you think about that love every once and a while now. And I thought who would that be for me… think think think…

I was 18 and almost ready to go off to college. He was 16 and very flirty. He held my hand for the first time during the totally romantic movie Jack, and got down on one knee to ask me to be his girlfriend. He was funny, and we had an amazing time together for the month before I had to go away to college. He was crazy high energy, and very romantic, sometimes overwhelmingly so on both counts. We spent hundreds on phone calls when I went away, and wrote letters when we could. I came home every weekend my first semester. He broke up with me during winter break, and I told him that he would regret it one day. He told me later that he did. I did resent him for a while for breaking my heart, but I got over it when he found me 8 years later.

I love the fact that my young crazy love is now my lifetime love, my amazing son’s father, and the father to the one that is due in June.



  1. Oh, you two. ADORABLE.

  2. What can I say. Wow Maybe every one should have that chace to grow up in between. Love Mom

  3. Congrats on the impending delivery!! Does Ben & Ella have a new cousin yet?

  4. That’s so sweet.

  5. Congratulations! Keep us all up to date on everything!

  6. Sneaky…very sneaky!


  7. Hmmm…that was pretty sneaky of you to slip that last comment in. 🙂

    and I echo the Adorable comment above; seriously, you could be a Hallmark card or something.

    BTW, your son did nothing but laugh for an hour straight today. Just looked at me and laughed hysterically over and over again. Also too adorable.

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