Posted by: Jenny | December 12, 2007

No power…

Yeah this morning it was almost 40 degrees in the house when we woke up.  We lost power on Tuesday morning around 5am, and there is no idea when we will get power back on.  But damn it is cold, and turns out I heart electricity.  The trees around the house are almost all broken, and ice sucks.  We are staying in a hotel tonight about 20 miles from town.  So to wrap things up.

Ice Bad.

Electricity Good.



  1. Who knew how much we LOVED electricity. With hubby out of down (in what I imagine to be warm and sunny D.C.), the girls and I called it a day this evening and drove to Omaha to stay with my mom. She has lights AND heat–what luxury. Stay warm.

  2. oh man. hope you get power STAT! I only know what it is like to lose it during a thunderstorm, and that sucks as it is.

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