Posted by: Jenny | December 20, 2007

We’re Home!

Well on Tuesday we got our electricity back, and then late late Tuesday night we got our water back! Apparently our lovely neighbor actually saw the people working on the electricity on Monday and asked them when we would be back on, they thought we were still on since they fixed us on Friday. She told them what happened and said she knew it moved us back to the bottom of the list but was curious if they had an update. Then when she left for work on Tuesday she put a sign on the main road by our houses with a big arrow that had “NO POWER” written above it…and low and behold we had power back that afternoon around 3! So she will get a big Christmas thank you from our family as we really feel her persistence, without being bitchy, lead to our 72 degree house Wednesday am!

Oh and we did end up having one pipe burst because the water froze, but luckily it was outside the house, and was easily accessible and easily fixed.


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