Posted by: Jenny | January 6, 2008

My little Monkey

So we started out the first day of the new year with Ben crawling in bed with us before D or I were conscious. Swell… So Ben can crawl out of his crib…Well he could crawl out of his crib, when he had a crib. He has a convertible crib, and it has been converted to a toddler bed. And who knew that the temptation of being able to crawl out of bed WHENEVER YOU WANT TO was so great. No mom, not doing anything, just standing ‘cuz I can. Now I am reading a book. Now I am playing with toys that I haven’t played with in oh 8 months. Now I am sitting in bed. Now I am sitting on the floor. Now I am half way in half way out… Now you are CRAZY.

But he is getting better, so maybe we will have another couple of months of actual real sleep before the new baby gets here. Sleep is an ooohhh so precious commodity. I have often said that Ben was such a bad sleeper in the first 8 months that there were times where I would have sold my soul for 1, yes only 1 full night (lets say 8 hours) of uninterrupted sleep.


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