Posted by: Jenny | January 17, 2008

XL seriously?

I am getting to/past the point that I need maternity clothes.  I have some shirts from when I was pregnant with Ben that will still work, but my ass is larger than it was before.  So no pants.  And turns out I hate hate hate, shopping for maternity clothes online.  I only have a few options locally that honestly believe that only short skinny chicks should get knocked up.  I have a long torso and maternity or not I have only found a couple of shirts that end up covering my ENTIRE belly all the way to baby.  This is really annoying.  I can choose to wear the same damn shirt every other day.  Or walk around not realizing my big belly is hanging out.  Which by the way I have found to be an odd phenomenon.  Maybe it is just me but the more pregnant I get the less likely I am to realize that 4 inches of my less than flat and appealing belly is just hanging out for the world to see.

And pants.   XL really?  ’cause at what other point in your life do you rely on letters to buy pants.  Is that XL before I got knocked up?  Or after?  And as soon as you enter a different store that XL could mean 8-10 sizes bigger or smaller.  So buying online, yeah no.  So if there are any maternity clothes secrets out there, please share.  And if you are smaller than a size ohhh 10, I don’t care.  No really.   I don’t.



  1. Oh do I feel your pain. I was 6 ft tall and plus-sized before I was pregnant with my son! And I lived in an area where nearest decent mall or clothing store was an hour and a half away!

    I chose to buy big men’s clothes. Not the most attractive thing in the whole world, but they fit. And at the time I was building costumes and sets for theatre so “work clothes” were usually overalls, T-shirt, bandana, doc martens.

    But if you want to road trip to a decent store, hit me up. I do love to travel. And shop. 🙂

  2. i know, i know…it’s not just the weight gain that suks but the clothing that goes along with it. sigh. It’ll all be over soon enough, thankfully!

  3. Lane Bryant recently released a line of maternity clothing. You would have to order online, but it might be worth it to find cute clothes that fit.

    I ordered a lot of maternity clothes from Old Navy. I exchanged the stuff that didn’t fit. They don’t charge shipping on exchanges, but there was the hassle of taking stuff to the post office / UPS store.

  4. You look very adorable. Love Mom

  5. I’m a big fan of the Motherhood Maternity ( I got most of my work outfits there and I really liked their jeans. Looks like there is one in Kansas City, something to do in your spare time right?!

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