Posted by: Jenny | January 24, 2008

Almost done…

With work tonight.  Although I got a new job at my old workplace, I still agreed to work one night on the Help Desk.  I don’t know how much longer I will do it though, as 10pm for this old pregnant lady seems a bit too late.  Usually I am at home and with my feet up by 8:30 with D taking care of me.  Not necessarily asleep, but def. not working.  So we will see.

The other day I was grocery shopping with the fam, a usual weekend activity, and I saw someone I knew, but wasn’t necessarily friends with.  They went out of their way to say HI! and chat, and this always makes me scratch my head.  I’ll admit to being somewhat anti-social at times, but I think that there are times that a mutual ignore-ance is fine, preferable actually.

Sometimes when I go to the town I graduated High School in this happens as well.  You see someone that you admittedly recognize, and then comes the decision.  The polite Hi, the just turn the other way, which is it going to be.  When you get the HEY!  I haven’t seen you in forever, I didn’t talk to you more than 3 times the entire time we went to school together, and can’t probably remember your name, BUT how the HELL are you? it is confusing.    Of course it may be just me, but aren’t there people that not talking to is just fine.  I am not trying to be rude or mean, it just seems odd to go out of your way to greet someone you haven’t thought about in a long time, not a long lost friend, or hey you were cool, just someone.  Maybe it is just me…



  1. I’m always pleased when someone I hated or disliked in high school stop by to visit. It makes me think they have grown since school and have become better people.

  2. It isn’t so much hated or disliked, it is just didn’t even know. So it isn’t I hated you why are you talking to me, but more like I don’t really know you, why can’t we just say a polite hi and be on our way…

  3. i usually lean towards the ignore-ance myself. it just sucks when you get caught…yeah that’s really awkward.

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