Posted by: Jenny | February 7, 2008

For my sister…

So since my sister called me a butthole, I have to post.  I really don’t have anything to post about.  So if you value your time, quit reading now, this will be a waste of it.  (edited to add… hey actually didn’t turn out too bad… I do actually have things to say!  who knew?)

– My sister also wrote a lovely post about our weekend together, go read it here. She talks a little about my little Tasmanian devil of a son Ben… Who while I realize is a sort of a tasmanian devil, I guess I just don’t think about it often.  It is just day to day life.  I also think the damn weather has something to do with it.  He gets so bored inside all the time he has to invent things to try and destroy the house, errr have fun!

– Work has been interesting this week, as always since I started this new job.  I have tons of stuff going on all at once, and 98% of the time it rocks.  This week that 2% seems to be always around the corner more than it had been.  We are so backed up on projects right now I am having to tell people mid to late March for anything new right now.  But I still like it, and am really enjoying it.

– Have a dr’s appointment tomorrow, I am interested to see how much weight I have gained, 2 mos ago it was 0 (not that I was a skinny minny to start, but still nice to hear).  I really don’t feel like it should be much more than that at this point either, my belly is bigger obviously, but nothing is out of control yet.  (Oh and really like hearing that heart beat!  It is still so amazing to hear, even though i feel this little person rolling and kicking around in there all the time!)

– I can’t believe that I am almost 6 mos pregnant… how did that happen.  (the time, not the actual getting pregnant… sheesh)  May is so right around the corner I am getting antsy about the room we have to completely redo to get ready for this kid.  I started looking at cribs, and know I really want to get another convertible one, I really like Ben’s.  But I think this time I will also throw in the trundle drawer, and toddler rails, as those would have both come in handy.



  1. What does Ben think about the new baby? Does he get the idea? Noel and I are talking about another one, but I worry about John’s reaction.

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