Posted by: Jenny | February 14, 2008

It’s Important to me

So you get to read about it.  The other day I heard someone making a snarky remark about organic food.  Something about how it doesn’t matter anyway, who cares!  And it just kinda stuck with me.  I am here tonight to unload that particular thought onto you.  Do I buy organic all the time?  No.  Do I buy organic when I can?  Most of the time.  What things do I always try to buy organic?  All of Ben’s baby food was organic, and his whole milk still is, and most of what he normally eats is.  Am I some kind of crazy hippy that likes to throw money away? Crazy is debatable, hippy is somewhat applicable, but not so much on the throwing of the money.  So why bother?  Well the mom in me really really likes to know exactly what I am feeding my baby.  I like knowing what all the ingredients are, including the stuff that you don’t think about, pesticides, antibiotics and other junk.  In my mind this is part of that raising a healthy happy kid sort of stuff, I choose to be picky like that.  Oh and also, I like the earth.  Weird, I know.  I like the idea of sustainable farming, responsible land and animal management.  I will give you more of my money if you help to make sure that things like, oh nature are around when Ben’s kid’s kids are.  So that is why I bother.



  1. I have been buying organic milk since before I got pregnant 6 years ago. It is expensive but sometimes when things are important you pony up and pay. My friends make fun of me for it but screw ’em. When their sons and daughters begin developing far too early, maybe they’ll stop laughing.

  2. People used to make fun of me big time when I was pregnant and started eating very healthy. But I never understood why you would make fun of someone for that. The way I saw it, I was making choices for someone who had no control of it yet. Why force them to eat crap when I didn’t have to?

    Oh, and then when I wouldn’t let Tyler eat any candy or cookies or other junky sugary things, I really heard about it. Don’t let others get to you hon. You know you’re doing the right thing!

  3. I like pizza, Steve! Oh, and I like chocolate too!

  4. Okay I’m feeling a little negative towards other people today, but here goes my comments anyways. I think that all parents that are trying to do things the best way possible they know how and sometimes when they see other people doing things differently they secretly know that they should be doing, they have to be snarky about it. I’m with you though, I gave up artificial sweetner when I was prego with Owen and I’ve never felt better. He only gets organic milk and baby foods and now we try to give him the best whole foods we can. I know it can’t hurt and it might just help – keeps all of us eating better in the house.
    I have to admit though that I am critical of those doing things that I feel guilting that I’m not doing. Like those darn people who exercise, they are just so easy to mock!

  5. I love the word ‘snarky’.

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