Posted by: Jenny | February 26, 2008


After two less than positive, although not mean or rude or anything, blogs I figured that I needed a readjustment.  For the last little while I had been reading this horribly rude and depressing blog before I posted to mine.  It is like a train wreck, where I can’t look away, but after I read it I think why oh why did I waste that five minutes of my time, and it just usually leaves me feeling stupider.  So I am determined to write my blogs before I read that crap.  And maybe cut down the reading of crap to only like once a week, so I can only waste a little of my time.

Next readjustment comes in the form of office turned baby room.  After a weekend of work with my mom I think it is about half way there.  The office part is now nicely contained into what used to be a big closet of storage.  I wish we would have taken before and after pictures, I am pretty impressed with all the work we did.  It actually looks like a crib and dresser/changing table will work nicely in there, and the china hutch turned baby storage also looks cute!  Although anything filled with colorful baby blankets can’t help but looking cute really.  This weekend will be crib and dresser shopping, and then it will look like an actual space for a baby!  Awesome.

And final readjustment comes in the form of a new office.  New job finally means new office.  Right now I am left with my computer and some files that I need on a day to day basis.  Other than that everything is sitting upstairs in a shiny new, just for me office.  I will miss this one, as I love my windows, and people down the hall.  But I also share it, and there is very limited space, so the new one will be great.  I am getting a HUGE white board, which will help my organization as I am ohhh so visual when it comes to brainstorming and organization, two things which happen a lottttttt in my new job.  So new office, with gigantic whiteboard here I come… as soon as my comp moves…

Things are moving the direction that they need to.  Sweet.



  1. I bet you could put some baby blankets in there as well to make it sweeter. Love Mom

  2. Good call, maybe that can be our decorating trademark…not cute enough? Throw a baby blanket on it! Soon everyone will be doing it!

  3. Crap. You two totally crack me up.

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