Posted by: Jenny | March 6, 2008


Yesterday was Mr. Ben’s birthday!  We really tried to make it a special day, although he wouldn’t have known any different if we hadn’t.  Sunday we are having family and friends out for a small cake and ice cream gathering.  And that will be immensely more fun!  I mean Grandma and uncles alone constitute a party in Ben’s book!  A friend of the family sent a present that included a play phone, cars and a gift card to Target… Sweet!  So last night before we went to eat Ben’s favorite grilled cheese, yogurt and milk at Panera, we went to Target to see what 50$ meant to a 2 year old.  Apparently it meant a dinosaur (I can’t find the exact one we got, but this is close, ours is more orange and green and pointy) some track for his choo choo, an Elmo video, another car and 2 new books.  He picked out the dinosaur himself, it walks and roars, and moves it’s head and tail.  I thought it was on the edge of scary, but apparently it rocks, who knew?   I wish I had 50$ to blow when it was my birthday!



  1. Wow! I can’t believe he is two already! I am so sad I missed his party, I hate missing things like that. =( I feel very disconnected. How are things? All good I hope! Tell Ben Happy Late Birthday for me…you will have to post some b-day pictures on here.

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