Posted by: Jenny | March 6, 2008

Two years ago yesterday…

Seems more clear this year than it did last.  And since I am getting close to doing the whole thing again I thought I would take the time to write down the events of the day my sweet lovey boy decided to join us.

The Sunday two days before I was due with Ben I woke up with contractions around 7:30am.  I woke D up and told him what was happening.  We decided to time them for a bit before we called the Dr, and around 8 we did just that.  I was about 12 minutes apart and they felt like they meant business.  The Dr told us we could either come on in or wait to see how things progressed.  I was feeling pretty good, so we decided to wait.  Waiting meant me laying on the couch and D sitting across from me with his watch and a computer game.  I went to sleep and about every ten minutes for the next 4 hours I would wake up and say Now!, he would set his watch and wait until I went back to sleep.  It was all very much a blur, and I had no idea how long had passed until around noon the Dr called back and asked how things were going.  We gave him an update and he decided we should go on in.  Grabbing all the stuff we had ready to and some McD’s before we hit the hospital we were admitted around 12:30.  My parents and siblings were called and they all started the 3 hour trip to meet the new baby.  When we got to the hospital I was about 5 cm dialated, and my water had not broke.  I was most definitely contracting and so they decided to break my water to keep things moving.  About 2 hours later… Ben had changed his mind.  No more contractions, no more nothing.  Just a baby happy to be where he was.  (This is where I would have done things differently had this been not my first kid… but live and learn right?)  The decision was we needed to move this along, I was 7 cm dialated and we started the pictocin.  For the next 30 minutes I had one GIANT contraction.  I kept thinking to myself, if this is what the last part was going to be like, then bring on the epidural…Which I soon asked for.   It was swell, the nurse came in to check on me, and said…oh hum I must have set that too high, you shouldn’t be contracting this much without a break. (at which point I really wanted to punch her) I got the epidural, and for the next 2 hours I sat talking to my two brothers, sister in law, parents and D, not feeling anything.  The Dr came in to check on me, asking every one to leave, and then said in a surprised tone, get the nurses, we are doing this now! 15 minutes and about 4 big pushes later, I saw a tangle of legs and arms as D and the Dr were both telling me to open my eyes!!!  The Dr said, wow, he’s a monster! (not what you say when you first see a baby in front of a new mom)  He laid my sweet boy on my chest, and it was more than amazing.  When they took him to weigh him and clean him I learned that the monster referred to the 10 lbs 4 oz that my bundle weighed!  He was healthy, if not too happy, and I was amazed how fast things happened.  D went to get the family and they were all surprised that what they thought was a quick check, turned out to be Ben at 9:40pm!



  1. I can’t thank you enough for making my life truly better in any and every way imaginable. The things that we’ve been through, and will continue to endure/ laugh at leave me with some real happiness inside. I thought when I met you that my life was complete, but I was wrong. You gave me a true sense of the word family, and Ben has added joy and frustration to that feeling of being alive. I can only hope that this next little one (and the following six after that – lol) will give us more experiences and stories to go along with each of our hairs as they turn to gray. I look forward to doing this all over again with you by my side, and, at times, at the other end of the hallway in an attempt to wrangle the naked monkey that runs like the wind. Thank you, forever.

  2. Children give so much JOY. Sometimes frustration but the JOY is what you remember. Thanks for all the JOY all seven of You give me! Love Mom
    Grand Children are Just Plain JOY! Love Grandma

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